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Trackless Train Available for Festivals, Birthday Parties, School, Church or Corporate Events all over the Country

Based out of Suffield, CT and San Diego, CA the Roaming Railroad is thought by many to be the nicest trackless train. The Roaming Railroad serves the entire country with some of the best family entertainment available. Not just a kid’s ride, the Roaming Railroad was custom built to accommodate adults, making it a true family attraction. If you’re looking for unique family entertainment for your next event, message Engineer Dan to make your next event one to remember. Roaming Railroad can be used not only as a family entertainment ride, but to give tours of your event or as a shuttle capable of transporting up to 27 passengers. We offer several types of services. We hire out by the hour for Festivals, Birthday parties, school, church or corporate events. We will pay a vendor fee and work your event or work your event on commission. The best part about it all – aside from the quality of our service – is the fact that we create excitement and family fun in a safe environment, making your event one to remember.